Katrin Lehtveer
Katrin LehtveerMain coordinator of volunteering work
50 83 336
Kristina Sadohhina
Kristina SadohhinaVolunteering Manager of Tallinn, Public relations (russian language)
56 865 954
Eneli Kristenbrun
Eneli KristenbrunHorse rescue unit & foreign sponsorhip coordination
50 15 070
Karin Põldoja
Karin PõldojaVolunteering Manager of Harjumaa
51 14 122
Krissika Kast
Krissika KastVolunteering manager of Läänemaa
52 01 340
Anu Paluoja
Anu PaluojaVolunteering Manager of Pärnumaa
55 507 386
Erko Elmik
Erko ElmikVolunteering Manager of West-Viru County
59 048 477
Elin Priks
Elin PriksVolunteering Manager of Setumaa
52 12 096
Riina Pernau
Riina PernauVolunteering Manager of Saaremaa and Muhu
56 217 172
Angelina Loomus
Angelina LoomusVolunteering Manager of Valgamaa
55 915 062
Getter Madison
Getter MadisonFundriser, IT
Merily Vakker
Merily Vakkerweb management, translation (English-Estonian)
Leana Land
Leana Landlawyer
Keijo Lindeberg
Keijo LindebergAttorney-at-Law Representative of the Animal Rescue Group NPO in civil and administrative matters and counsel of the Group in misdemeanor and criminal matters
Margus Merima
Margus MerimaAdvisor, internal sponsorship coordinator
Heiki Valner
Heiki ValnerThe Founder, CEO

“Animal Rescue Group” as of January 2019

* 229 volunteers; this number will go down as is does not make sense to keep on the list people that cannot rescue even one animal a year! Be that as it may, we will soon contact everyone again to ascertaining conclusively each person’s contribution. Don’t look for mathematical figures here as many participate in the activity of a number of groups and such people are not separately listed; today, our gang consists of the following members:

*127- Responders & rescue unit
*91 – Canine Help Unit
*43 – Feline Help Unit
*25 – Equine Help Unit
*79 – Foster home crew
*8 – Lawyers