Harles Kaup, head of Department
level of education: higher education in veterinary
Ph. +372 518 4925, E-mail: harles.kaup@vet.agri.ee

Maarja Kristian, advisor
level of education: higher education in veterinary
Ph.+372 6051731, E-mail: maarja.kristian@vet.agri.ee
Field: animal health and TSE (Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies)

Anne-Ly Veetamm, head of Office
education: higher education in veterinary
Ph.+372 6051 725, Mob. +372 51 73 458E-mail: anne-ly.veetamm@vet.agri.ee

Ardo Pakkonen, chief Specialist
education: higher education in medical veterinary degree
Ph.+372 605 1736, Mobile: +372 5106031, E-mail:ardo.pakkonen@vet.agri.ee/
Field: identification and registration of farm animals, PRIA e-services and registers

Olga Piirik, chief Specialist
Education level: higher education in veterinary
Ph.+372 605 4755, E-mail:olga.piirik@vet.agri.ee
Field:aquaculture and TSE

Helen Prommik, chief Specialist
education level:master degree
Ph.+372 605 4756, E-mail:helen.prommik@vet.agri.ee
Field:contingency plans and zoonoses

Kärt Jaarma, chief Specialist 
education level:master degree in medical veterinary
Ph.+372 605 1712, E-mail:kart.jaarma@vet.agri.ee
Field: Risk Analysis for infectious animal diseases, contingency plans

Enel Niin
  +372 509 9836, E-mail: enel.niin@vet.agri.ee
Field: rabies program

Urmas Niklus, chief Specialist
Ph.+372  51 923830, E-mail:urmas.niklus@vet.agri.ee
Field: analysation of the result of the state supervision, handling of documents of supervision, administration of office database