An immense amount of regulations and laws regulate the activities concerning animals, birds, but also fishing, hunting and activities related with other species. We have gathered the majority of these here.

The main national animal protection legislation includes the Animal Protection Act, the Infectious Animal Disease Control Act, the Veterinary Activities Organisation Act and regulations enforced based on this legislation. The Nature Conservation Act, the Hunting Act and the Fishing Act are also relevant in terms of animal protection because these regulate the protection and use of animals living free in nature. All national legislation is available on the webpage of the official gazette of the Republic of Estonia Riigi Teataja.

The Animal Protection Act regulates the protection of animals from human acts or omissions that endanger or may endanger the health or welfare of animals. According to the Animal Protection Act, an animal is a mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish or invertebrate.

The aim of the Nature Conservation Act is to protect the natural environment by promoting the preservation of biodiversity through ensuring the natural habitats and the populations of species of wild fauna, flora and fungi at a favourable conservation status, preserve natural environments of cultural or esthetical value, or elements thereof and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

The Hunting Act provides for the creation and use of hunting districts, monitoring of wild game, harvest quotas and structure, and other principles of hunting. It determines the documents certifying hunting rights and provides for the compensation for damage caused by wild game, and the state supervision and liability.

Aim of the Fishing Act is to ensure the conservation and economic use of fish and aquatic plant resources on the basis of internationally recognized principles of responsible fisheries, to ensure the reproduction capacity of fish and aquatic plant resources and the productivity of bodies of water, and to avoid undesirable changes in the ecosystem of bodies of water.

The Infectious Animal Disease Control Act regulates the protection of animals from infectious animal diseases. This Act provides measures for infectious animal disease control and regulates the application of such measures and payment of compensation for damage caused by infectious animal diseases.

The Veterinary Activities Organisation Act provides the basis for the organisation of veterinary activities. Veterinary activities are a system of measures applied to protect animal and human health and to ensure the welfare of animals. It includes activities in the areas of animal health, animal product hygiene and animal protection.

The Forest Act regulates the directing of forestry, forest survey and management, and compensating the damage caused to the environment within the meaning of this Act, and provides for liability for violation of this Act.

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