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22 01, 2019

“Cold weather also endangers animals and birds!”

2019-01-24T12:36:17+02:0022.01.2019|0 Comments

Estonian winter is currently exhibiting its rougher traits and the weather service forecasts bitter colds to last at least to the end of the week. The Animal Rescue Group hereby implores the owners of dogs that live outdoors in the yard to examine their pet’s doghouse with an exceedingly critical eye and take all possible [...]

5 11, 2018

“Animal Rescue team are collecting donations in order to purchase special vans”

2019-01-01T15:55:06+02:0005.11.2018|0 Comments

"Animal Rescue team are collecting donations in order to purchase special vans!" - campaign aims at collecting donations for the purchase of special vans suited for animal rescue transportation. Animal Rescue Group NPO kicks off  the campaign to lasts until the end of the year to collect donations for the purchase of vans readjusted especially [...]

27 09, 2018

“Separate investigation group was established in Helsinki for the detection of crimes against animals!”

2019-01-01T21:23:41+02:0027.09.2018|0 Comments

Helsinki Police Department informed today that they established a separate investigation group which will start to solve the crimes committed against animals on the city territory. The tasks of the group also involve prevention and provision of information. In the opinion of Animal Rescue Group, Estonia is lagging behind the Finns in the distance of [...]

26 09, 2018

“The winds are raging outside? How are your animals coping?”

2019-01-01T17:30:47+02:0026.09.2018|0 Comments

According to the Estonian Weather Service, autumn storms are here and it is predicted that tempestuous weather will continue even during the next week. In this connection, Animal Rescue Group asks you to examine critically the kennels and buildings that are supposed to provide protection to domestic animals. In addition, the keepers of animals must [...]

24 09, 2018

Veterinary physician Valdeko Paavel: “We are carefully optimistic concerning Reks of Assaku!”

2019-01-01T17:20:48+02:0024.09.2018|0 Comments

“We are carefully optimistic”, said the wizard of mending broken bones of the Veterinary Emergency Clinic, Valdeko Paavel, as we were looking over the high-quality CT scan images taken today. “The whole thing was not nice, but it also wasn’t as bad as I thought.” True, at first, they tried to meekly suggest that sometimes [...]

23 09, 2018

“Miracle rescues – Silja from Sillamäe”

2019-01-01T21:24:50+02:0023.09.2018|0 Comments

A moment back, I received a nice letter from Pille Toome: “Today is 23 September. Exactly two years ago, our lives changed, because you brought to us Silja – the prettiest and dearest cat in the world. She sends us to bed every night and greets us happily in the morning. Yesterday, my partner and [...]

21 09, 2018

“Young dog hit by a car is fighting for his life. We are collecting donations so this fight would not end due to lack of finances!”

2019-01-01T16:38:09+02:0021.09.2018|0 Comments

Tonight at 18.45, a traffic accident occurred in Harju County, Rae rural municipality, near Assaku, where a young dog ran on the road and got injured. Marika Sepp who drove past the site five minutes later saw an animal “twitching and tossing” on the side of the road and a grey Ford, plate number 930 [...]

13 09, 2018

“Luck favors little hedgehog hit by car!”

2019-01-01T16:41:23+02:0013.09.2018|0 Comments

In the morning a letter came, informing us that the night before a hedgehog had been hit by a car in the small borough of Lagedi, Harju County. The writer was afraid the small animal wasn’t going to make it as there had been a lot of blood on the road. The brave creature survived [...]