Become a regular donor!

You care about animals and birds and want to help them, but you don’t have enough skills, time and options? Don’t worry! We’ll do it for you, but we need your support because without it, we cannot save any animals or birds!

Animal Rescue Group is registered in the list of non-profit organisations and foundations with income tax incentive, which means that you can deduct your donation to us from your taxed income. The members of the association’s management and the volunteers do not get any pay for performing their work obligations. Animal Rescue Group follows the “Good practice for collecting donations”.

Call and make a one-time donation:

  • 900 1313 (€5)

  • 900 1414 (€10)

  • 900 2323 (€25)

NB! Please listen until the end of the call, otherwise making a donation will fail. Thank you!

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    Donate using mTasku or PayPal

    With the mTasku mobile wallet, you can now also make regular donations in a few clicks without logging in to your online bank or having any cash!

    In addition to the possibility of one-off donations, now you can also become a regular donor right in mTasku. Making, changing, and cancelling a regular donation is really fast and convenient, there is no need to log in to your online bank and enter passwords. All you have to do is select Regular Donation as the donation type in mTasku under the digital donation card of Animal Rescue Group (Loomapäästegrupp), set the sum, period, and frequency that you’re happy with, and save your
    regular donation.

    Download mTasku app from here:

    Run mTasku and scan QR-code: