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Animals need the help, care, and protection of humans. Be informed and fend for the rights to life of other species as well!

  • Animal, bird, and other species must be treated as equals and the need for protection extends to all beings that feel fear and pain!
  • Respect LIFE and fulfill the absolute obligation of ensuring wellbeing for different species regardless of what these species are and whether or not they benefit us in some way!
  • The wellbeing of every individual being must be guaranteed even if they do not carry a significance related to protection of the particular species!


1705, 2019

”Cats sterilization and neutering campaign “Balls off!” reaches this year also Viljandi county!”

Until the end of May, low-income families living in Tallinn, Harju County and Viljandi County can sterilize or neuter their cats at a discounted price. A surgery of a male cat costs 15 euros, while the owners of female cats have to pay 25 euros. The campaign will be carried out in cooperation with the Finnish animal rescue organization Rekku Rescue Ry, Sõle Animal Clinic and Piia Vilu’s Small Animal Clinic. All in all, it is hoped to sterilize approximately [...]

504, 2019

“Fifteen volunteers with the Animal Rescue Group run for Parliament in the electoral list of Estonian Greens”

Estonian Greens submitted to the electoral committee a fully manned electoral list - the applications of 125 candidates to run in parliamentary elections. Among the candidates, fifteen volunteers with the Animal Rescue Group also agreed to run in the elections. The animal rescuers’ principal objective is not to gain a seat in the Parliament but, rather, to support a green way of thinking and to introduce the animal protection domain in the electoral debate.  “Animal protection will never be the [...]

504, 2019

“The electoral list for Estonian Greens includes candidates that stand for animal rights!”

Estonian Greens submitted to the electoral committee a fully manned electoral list that contains the names of fifteen volunteers with the Animal Rescue Group MTÜ Loomapäästegrupp.  “Estonian Greens were short on hands to fully man the electoral list and, consequently, we were happy to help as the only true friends to animals in the Estonia Parliament thus far have only come from the lines of Estonian Greens – this from the time during which six of their members sat in [...]

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“Animals are loose!” 

“Animalweb” >

Planned opening time:

“Animalweb” in socialmedia – end of 2018

“Animalweb” website – spring 2019

“Animals are loose!” series: autumn 2019

The founder and leader of the Animal Rescue Group Heiki Valner:

“My desire to start making a series and a magazine reporting on the joys and sorrows of different animal species dates back to 2008. As it was, though, my work as a reporter, my family, and attending to animals in need consumed all of my time and the idea was left collecting dust on the “Ideas and Dreams Awaiting Realization” shelf.

A few years ago I pulled myself together and did indeed finish my very first four episodes. There’s enough material to edit four more episodes as the summer long shoot produced quite a surplus of “crude material”. Yet, once again, I was buried under the needs of distressed animals and my animal stories never reached a wider audience. They probably never will as the stories are, by now, dated …

A series dedicated to animal health issues and providing advice and educational guidance to animal owners also lies in wait of being brought to life. Why not finally get these projects going!? This time around, bets would not be placed on TV but on the Internet, making us visible on computers and mobile phones. I don’t really feel like messing around with a mike and camera myself anymore but I am willing to lend a hand, heart and soul.

You don’t need to be a professional. I have been working in television for years and am there to provide any assistance and guidance until you’ll get a hang of it and are ready to proceed on your own. Naturally, qualities that you must already possess include a love of animals, eagerness for interpersonal communication, sincerity, no fear of public performance, a will to act, and a sense of mission. Proficiency in our beautiful native language, both in speech and writing, indeed only helps as well. We won’t get to this project before next year but do think about it and weigh it out – if you think you have what it takes to film, edit, and report, do contact me at toimetus@loomaveeb.ee


You say that you really care?

Hopefully, these are not just empty words!

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