Every euro is helpful!

You care about animals and birds and want to help them, but you don’t have enough skills, time and options? Don’t worry! We’ll do it for you, but we need your support because without it, we cannot save any animals or birds!

Animal Rescue Group is registered in the list of non-profit organisations and foundations with income tax incentive, which means that you can deduct your donation to us from your taxed income. The members of the association’s management and the volunteers do not get any pay for performing their work obligations. Animal Rescue Group follows the “Good practice for collecting donations”.


Make a donation:

  • Loomapäästegrupp MTÜ
  • EE437700771003183318 

Call and make a one-time donation:

  • 900 1313 (€5)

  • 900 1414 (€10)

  • 900 2323 (€25)

NB! Please listen until the end of the call, otherwise making a donation will fail. Thank you!

Donate using PayPal:

How we will use your money: 

  • To pay the medical bills of neglected, abused and ill animals

  • To pay the medical bills of injured wild animals and birds

  • To cover the living costs of residents at temporary homes

  • To cover legal expenses for ensuring animal rights

  • To organise awareness and training projects

  • To cover the ongoing costs of the NPO Animal Rescue Group

  • To cover transport costs

  • To maintain the rescue vans reconstructed for carrying animals

  • To ensure sustainability and development of the Animal Rescue Group