Make a will

The elderly are concerned about the fate of their pets after they are no longer there to take care of them. These concerns are not without grounds as animal protectors oftentimes come across successors that indeed have their hearts set on the deceased’s material possessions but try to get rid of the pets involved by any means available. It is at all not uncommon for pets to outlive their owners and end up in a shelter or to be executed. All this can be prevented by way of a will.

It is worth making a will if you are 100% certain of your decision. It is crucial to note in your last will and testament the kind of life you want for your pet and which means can be used to achieve this. A will does not constitute the conjuring of the evil or an obituary but a responsible course of action to mitigate risks for your pet if you do not have close relatives or if the relatives you have are not the most trustworthy of people. It is important to know that a will can always be changed if you have any concerns concerning a successor or if more reliable persons appear that are more capable of taking care of your pet.

Leaving your property to pet caregivers or animal protection organizations is rather common practice abroad. It is less common in Estonia and the Animal Rescue Group NPOas well recommends that you foremost look to your family or friends for successors or caregivers. If, however, suitable people cannot be found, we are happy to assume the task of taking care of your pet and will ensure the pet receives with the best care and leads the best life possible. To prevent a situation in which the testator’s wishes are disregarded – as was shamefully done by another animal protection organization in Edith Laiv’s case – the testator must employ a notary to record in detail any and all obligations and forbidden and permitted courses of action. This will guarantee that your intentions are carried out and will ensure the best protection and a long life for your pet!

Regardless of the fairly short operation time, the Animal Rescue Group NPO has already been assigned as the designee of a will. The middle aged woman in question wishes to remain anonymous – she does have descendants but their less than amicable relations and disregard for their mother have caused them to be left out of the inheritance. The moral of the story is simple – take care of your parents; refrain from adopting a rude and cruel attitude towards them! May you live a long and happy life! However, if indeed you decide to make a will assigning the Animal Rescue banking system can, of course, pick up the phone and we will indeed be hyper-super-very grateful for that as well. Many thanks to donators and sharers – without you we would be able to help no animals or birds at all! That is as certain as death and taxes! Thank you once again!