Donate accessories!

We are always happy to receive:

  • Dry food for cats and dogs
  • Canned food for cats and dogs
  • Cat litter
  • Suitable toys
  • Collars and leashes, slip leads and retractable leashes, muzzles
  • Comforters, fleece and wool blankets, terry cloth bath and hand towels
  • Transportation and show kennels and crates, incl. crates, cages, terrariums and fish tanks for birds, rodents, exotic creatures, and fish
  • Metal and plastic food bowls
  • Cleaning substances
  • Cleaning tools

The Animal Rescue Group ambulance trucks need:

  • Stably fastened kennels and crates fit for a larger dog or roe deer
  • 2 transportation crates (for cats)
  • Tightly closed box with air holes for snakes
  • Tightly closed box with air holes for birds (large enough for e.g. a mother duck and ducklings)
  • Dog catch pole
  • Bird and small animal catching nets
  • Net gun
  • Snake hooks for catching snakes
  • Stretcher
  • Microchip reader
  • Metal net and welding gloves
  • Thin rubber gloves
  • Binoculars
  • Rechargeable and portable LED light
  • Special purpose clothing (T-shirt + sweater + jacket + pants + rubber boots)
  • A rubber mat to evenly cover the entire animal transportation area
  • Disinfectants

NB! Down and cotton wool pillows, spring and polyurethane foam mattresses, rugs, and toys hazardous to animals are not accepted.

To let us know about a donation call 1414 or e-mail