A moment back, I received a nice letter from Pille Toome:

“Today is 23 September. Exactly two years ago, our lives changed, because you brought to us Silja – the prettiest and dearest cat in the world.

She sends us to bed every night and greets us happily in the morning. Yesterday, my partner and I reminisced how I pleaded at home for months to take Silja in. He doesn’t remember anymore that he was opposed to that at first.

I know I fell in love with Silja the moment I saw her. I saw her picture, her eyes and I was sold. I have always been more of a dog-person, I never thought about taking a cat, but I wanted Silja.

The joy she brings to our every day is incomparable. Our little miracle.”

Time flies and my life is going down a road filled with many animals on the daily. Unfortunately, they are mostly in bad shape, broken and miserable, and many of these stories will not have a happy ending.

“Is it worth carrying the cross for the devastation, absurd accusations, gossiping and nonstop death that accompanies animal protection?”

Of course it is! And such miraculous tales where the lead characters – the animals, birds and other creatures – continue thriving regardless of what the naysayers and the Grim Reaper say, are the best motivation.

Silja from Sillamäe is a living proof of this – a couple of years ago she was lying in a ditch in Sillamäe, severely injured after being hit by car and the number of people doubting her recovery exceeded the number of stars in the sky! But everything turned out the exact opposite and that just goes to show to everyone complaining and preaching doom.

Several people were involved in Silja’s case – Victoria Tisler and especially Kaiu Hints was the awesome woman who went through thick and thin with Silja’s treatment. The vets at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic performed nothing short of miracles and likely also some witchcraft, as a result of which Silja finally ended up with Pille near Pärnamäe at her very own home with her own people. As a stray cat, she probably couldn’t even imagine things like a caring family and a warm home.

I want to sincerely thank everyone and of course I bow down to everyone who donated because without you, we would not have Silja, this story or these forty fun images to prove this miracle.