17 12, 2020

Washington Post: “Estonians erect statue and give home to beloved stray dog”

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Zorik was never the tail-wagging or hand-licking type. But that didn’t stop the free-spirited vagabond dog from winning many hearts. When the black-and-white mutt, long a presence in a Tallinn neighborhood, was taken from the Estonian capital to the countryside earlier this year to live out his days in the safe and restful surroundings of [...]

2 09, 2020

ERR: “Fox cub-slaying municipal official reneges on own resignation”

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Criminal proceedings have been launched into a local government leader on the island of Hiiumaa, after he beat to death a fox cub in the island's capital, Kärdla. Toomas Vannas, administrative head of the Kärdla rural municipality, reportedly said late last week that he was stepping down after the incident, which he said he regretted, [...]