NPO Animal Rescue Group was established on 30 July 2018 by volunteers who left the Estonian Union for the Protection of Animals and the core of the organization is formed by people who have protected animals in various associations for more than 10 years. The work of the group is organized by a board of up to three members together with the regional leaders. The main objective is to respond to accidents involving animals and birds and to provide them with the best treatment available. Another priority is the transfer, treatment, socialization and finding new owners of abused animals at home in cooperation with the VFB and the police. “Animal Rescue Group” as of 3 April 2020 126 volunteers.

Katre Kangur
Katre KangurA Member of the board, Regional coordinator of Tartumaa
58 114 078
Tanel Veskimäe
Tanel VeskimäeA Member of the board
Riina Pernau
Riina PernauA Member of the board, Regional coordinator of Saaremaa & Muhu
56 217 172
Heiki Valner
Heiki Valneradviser, founding member
Keijo Lindeberg
Keijo LindebergAttorney-at-Law
Representative of the Animal Rescue Group NPO in civil and administrative matters and counsel of the Group in misdemeanor and criminal matters
Tiia-Liis Jürgenson
Tiia-Liis Jürgensonlawyer
Eneli Kristenbrun
Eneli KristenbrunCoordinator of Horse rescue unit
50 15 070; eneli(at)
Johannes Sarapuu
Johannes SarapuuIT-manager
Erko Elmik
Erko ElmikA Member of the board
59 048 477
Anu Paluoja
Anu PaluojaRegional coordinator of Pärnumaa
55 507 386
Mark Reisi
Mark ReisiRegional coordinator of East-Harju
56 600 147
Terje Parra
Terje ParraRegional coordinator of Läänemaa
56 474 227
Angelina Loomus
Angelina LoomusRegional coordinator of Valgamaa
55 915 062
Elin Priks
Elin PriksRegional coordinator of Võrumaa
52 12 096