“We are carefully optimistic”, said the wizard of mending broken bones of the Veterinary Emergency Clinic, Valdeko Paavel, as we were looking over the high-quality CT scan images taken today. “The whole thing was not nice, but it also wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

True, at first, they tried to meekly suggest that sometimes it’s just impossible, that is, they were preparing me for the worst. Of course, I did not want to hear this and I told them that if they are too incompetent, I will cut him open and fix the bones myself!

It is horrible how much pain an animal can suffer, and he can be moved only while sedated. But even then, loud shrieks cut through the walls and bones. It’s terrible and extremely unpleasant but hopefully the poor animal will find relief soon.

At the same time, when a car speeding 110 km/h hits a living being, what could one expect other than exactly the destruction such as this, and it really is a miracle that there is someone left to save at all…

For your information, as I was filling the papers I baptised him Reks, because the papers required it and a dog must have a name anyway. Also, „the accident dog of the rescue team” is not a name, right?

“When is the surgery?”, I asked Valdeko in high hopes.

“This week is booked!”, he replied looking at the schedule.

“Don’t say that, it’s an emergency, we have to save him from pain. It is unimaginable and can’t be postponed.”

“I agree, but then we need to conjure more hours and days to the week!”

It should be noted that we did manage that perfectly and Reks is having his first surgery already tomorrow. The second one will be on Thursday.

Keep us and Reks in your thoughts and prayers so we could fight the young dog back to life. Thank you!