“Where a fault you can detect, come lend a helping hand to that effect!”

“Where a fault you can detect, come lend a helping hand to that effect!” says an Estonian proverb.

Unhappy with how the Estonian state views animals or spotted a shortcoming in our work? Have ideas on how to better ensure wellbeing for animals and lessen mistreatment of animals? Want to implement a project which would lessen animal suffering and better their lives? Be sure to contact us and let’s make it happen together. The Animal Rescue Group has a score of ideas that would benefit greatly from assistance and support of animal lovers that will not shy away from volunteer work. “A courageous start is half the victory!“ goes another Estonian proverb; this serves as an appropriate reminder indeed to those that still linger in doubt and are unsure of where to start.

 “SOS – A project for animals in distress ”

  • We need volunteers that would be able to take operative action in response to complaints and leads and would travel on-site to inspect the state of the animals and the conditions they are kept in.
  • We need foster homes where people would take care of mistreated animals until their treatment is completed and a new home is found for them.
  • Lasnamäe Animal Protection Association, Saaremaa Animal Protection Association. Why not? We are convinced that a distressed animal is helped the quickest by locals that know the relevant conditions and people. Therefore, we advise and assist in any way possible in the establishment of new independent associations and groups that stand for animal wellbeing. Want to establish the Lääne-Viru County Animal Protection Association? Let us know and let’s do it together! It’s as simple as that! 

“Home page and social media”

  • We need web editors to manage our home page and Facebook page.
  • We need translators that would search for and translate animal related educational and topical articles from around the world.
  • Our home page will be available in four languages. We’ll be OK with the Estonian and English versions. We do, however, require the help of Finnish and Russian translators so that speakers of these two languages could stay up to date with our goings-on as well.

 “Animal Web” and “The Animals are Loose!” series

My desire to start making a series and a magazine reporting on the joys and sorrows of different animal species dates back to 2008. As it was, though, my work as a reporter, my family, and attending to animals in need consumed all of my time and the idea was left collecting dust on the “Ideas and Dreams Awaiting Realization” shelf.

A few years ago I pulled myself together and did indeed finish my very first four episodes. There’s enough material to edit four more episodes as the summer long shoot produced quite a surplus of “crude material”. Yet, once again, I was buried under the needs of distressed animals and my animal stories never reached a wider audience. They probably never will as the stories are, by now, dated…

A series dedicated to animal health issues and providing advice and educational guidance to animal owners also lies in wait of being brought to life. Why not finally get these projects going!? This time around, bets would not be placed on TV but on the Internet, making us visible on computers and mobile phones. I don’t really feel like messing around with a mike and camera myself anymore but I am willing to lend a hand, heart and soul.

You don’t need to be a professional. I have been working in television for years and am there to provide any assistance and guidance until you’ll get a hang of it and are ready to proceed on your own. Naturally, qualities that you must already possess include a love of animals, eagerness for interpersonal communication, sincerity, no fear of public performance, a will to act, and a sense of mission. Proficiency in our beautiful native language, both in speech and writing, indeed only helps as well. We won’t get to this project before next year but do think about it and weigh it out – if you think you have what it takes to film, edit, and report, do contact me at toimetus@loomaveeb.ee

“Lessons for children”

I have always considered especially important the training of children and grade school students because the knowledge related to caring for animals and the love of animals itself must be instilled in us from very early on. In previous years we have conducted lectures or Pet Hours at grade schools in Northern and Southern Estonia where animals were also present on each occasion. These events have always been exceedingly popular and long awaited and our lecturers are top notch. Hopefully, we can keep similar projects going moving forward; if you like kids and animals and feel the call to influence the lives of young ones still starting out their journey, make yourself known at info@animalrescue.ee.

“Russian project”

Estonia is home to many Russians that care deeply for animals. Regrettably, we know next to nothing about them or they about our initiatives. I have acted as an adviser in the establishment of a few Russian animal lovers’ associations but really have no clue whether they kept going or gave up. However, Eastern Viru County is a fully uncharted territory for us. Therefore, Russians need to be involved considerably more and this area needs a staff all of its own, dedicated to the specific purpose.

“Project writer”

Money has not disappeared from the face of the earth and is being handed out left and right. Unfortunately, to get a hold of the money, you have to complete a boatload of paperwork, thereat actually knowing how to do it. You may have an excellent idea, yet if you are not fluent in bureaucracy and the required officialese, you’ll end up with no money and no outlet for your ideas. Currently, we have no one that could do this job and we will heartily welcome a specialist with the relevant skills needed.


To accomplish all these and many other required things, you need money. Consequently, we desperately need in our team people to keep an eye on the calls for proposals of various projects and on donation environments. People that would have the ability to present the indispensable nature of our mission and the skills to convince company heads to support our operations. A Fundraiser’s tasks include arrangements for different campaigns and fundraisers to secure means for at least the most basic information campaigns. Many non-profit associations have opened their own online stores. This is also a goal of ours, yet once again, we are held back by lack of appropriate staff. Naturally, there are tens and tens more of profitable operations and opportunities.

Today’s heads of state say that everything is as it should be with animal protection in Estonia. We say that’s not true. Politicians declare that animals are protected by laws. We declare that practically unapplied laws, merely existing on paper and in need of amendment, do not help animals. Ministers assert control over animal welfare to be sufficient. We, oftentimes, are not happy with the work done by the Estonian Veterinary and Food Board and the Republic of Estonia Environmental Inspectorate and assert that this job could be done so much better. Consequently, there are more than enough of issues that need to be resolved, yet today relevant political will is lacking. We can understand why – animals, after all, cannot vote! Accordingly, animal loving people must protect the rights of animals in far greater numbers for us to actually be heard.

It was intentional that this site is not very official as is normally customary and, rather, speaks to a group of peers the way thing really are. In fact, we are not at all as official and important as it may oftentimes appear; quite the contrary, our “gang” unites ordinary people that wish for animals to receive slightly better treatment. We are really not like an association at all but, rather, a friendly family that only wishes to turn this cruel world into a better place. Today, we still lack the answers to many questions, but we are developing day after day, learning from different cases and different animals. I remember when I went to the Estonian Animal Protection Association in 2007, wishing to take part in their activities. At first I was afraid because I didn’t really have any skills or knowledge! That’s OK because you cannot take classes to become an animal protector, much like you cannot take classes to become a good mom or a good person. It comes from inside you and if you have empathy and a sincere desire to lessen animal suffering, that’s all you need!

In three non-profit organizations I stood witness to how making a mess out of things, talking trash about fellow members behind their back, and spinning a web of intrigue lead to utter chaos and to a near closedown of the entire organization. We endeavor to prevent all this at all costs; let us not forget we came together to save animals, not to boost our own egos. Of course, we have heated arguments but this is natural for emotional people as, at the end of the day, we all seek to achieve the same thing – a better life for animals. If you too find these principals close to your beliefs, come and join us – it won’t make you rich but there will be plenty of laughs and tears of both joy and sadness! In addition, you’ll gain satisfaction from your work and the gratitude of the animal souls you save.

Nearly twelve year ago I had nothing but a vague dream of a world where animals and birds as well would live a fine life. Today I am living this dream or at least am on my way there. All of a sudden, everything is easier, clearer, and makes more sense. Things that seemed all-important before have become valueless and vice versa. I have a long way ahead of me but one day I will get there. I do hope very much that it will indeed happen! Perhaps you’d like to keep me company and travel on this journey with me?

On behalf of the gang and myself I’d like to extend our sincerest thank you to all of the kind people that supported us and to welcome all new members to our animal friendly family!

Best wishes,
Heiki Valner
Leader of the Gang