Here in Estonia heads of state everything is just fine regarding animal protection and rights. Politicians say that animals are protected by laws, and that the ministers who are assigned responsibility over animal welfare are expected to be sufficient to enforce the law. We disagree. Our position is that the laws exist merely on paper, are essentially unenforced are in need of amendment and , do not help the animals they are meant to protect.  We are often unhappy with the work done by both the Estonian Veterinary and Food Board and the Republic of Estonia Environmental Inspectorate, and believe that their work could be significantly improved. There are countless issues that need to be resolved, yet the relevant political will to make the needed improvement is lacking. We understand why – animals, after all, cannot vote! Accordingly, animal loving people must stand united in far greater numbers than today to protect the rights of these helpless creatures.

Clearly, this site is not an official representation of any one government agency, nor is it intended to be seen as such. Rather, it is formed by and represents a group of peers who want to reveal the way things really are. Our organization unites ordinary people just  like you that wish for animals to receive improved protection and treatment. To reduce animal cruelty and turn the world into a better place. As of today, we still lack answers to many important questions, but day by day, we learn from  experience with different cases and animals.

I remember once visiting the Estonian Animal Protection Association in 2007, wishing to take part in their activities. At first I was afraid because I didn’t have any applicable skills or knowledge,but it turns out that OK because there are no classes to become an animal protectionist. Much like there aren’t classes to become a good parent or a good person, the skills come from inside you. If you have empathy and a sincere desire to lessen animal suffering, well, that’s all you need!

The basics of Animal Rescue Estonia: We do not want to become the largest, most beautiful, best or, smartest organization. We are a group of volunteers, ordinary people just like you, each with our own joys and sorrows. We have the same priorities and responsibilities, including family, parenting, work, housekeeping, friends and hobbies …, but it is our deep empathy and caring for animals that drives us. When we hear about their abuse, illness or maybe an accident, we take them immediately the veterinarian without delay.

Then we return to normal life with the hope that the next animal in need will not appear too soon. Ideally, a 25-kilometer zone could be formed around each volunteer, ensuring assistance for at least animals and birds that can fit into either a cage or pet carrying bag to be safely transported in a private automobile. Rescue vans operate within a slightly wider trajectory, and primarily respond to larger sick or injured wild animals. If we are successful in recruiting active volunteers across all parts of the country, then we would be spreading out and balancing the workload. Otherwise, this very fulfilling volunteer work can become tiresome and commonplace, losing its beauty and charm, as is often the case with paid jobs.

In my personal past I have witnessed three non-profit organizations make a real mess of things … , whereby members talked trash about each other, spinning webs of utter chaos, nearly to the point where the entire organizations would be shut down. We endeavour to prevent all this at all costs; let us not forget we came together to save animals, not to boost our own egos. Of course, we sometimes have heated discussions with differences of opinion, but this is natural for emotional people. Remember, at the end of the day, we all seek to achieve the same thing – a better life for animals.

If you find these principals close to your heart, please join us at Animal Rescue Estonia. Your involvement won’t make you wealthy, but I can promise you there will be plenty of laughs, as well as and tears of both joy and despair, bringing you value and satisfaction for your efforts. You will also enjoy the gratitude of the animal souls you save.

Thirteen years ago I had only a vague dream of a world where animals of all kinds would live fine lives. Today I am living this dream … or at least I am on the road heading in that direction. Suddenly everything is easier, clearer, and making more sense. My value system is changing, as things that once seemed important have become valueless, and vice versa. I have a long way ahead of me, but one day I will get there. Perhaps you’d like to join me on my journey?

If your life and work would allow you to respond to accidents involving animals and birds, please register as a volunteer by completing our registration form. If not, please consider supporting our group and the animals we help as a one-time donor or permanent supporter.

On behalf of Animal Rescue Estonia, I’d like to extend our sincerest “Thank you” to all the kind people that support us, and welcoming all new members to our animal friendly family!

Best wishes,

Heiki Valner,

Founder of the Animal Rescue Group